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Alice in the Wonderland Shape Poetry activity that is writing

Poems can be such a joy to publish and therefore are one the quickest and easiest writing activities out there! Not everybody can write a 500 words story every day, but you can write a short poem, like a haiku or a Clerihew poem. Today we made a decision to glance at probably one of the most creative types of poetry, shape poems! And because is also Lewis Carroll’s birthday we decided to take inspiration from Alice in the Wonderland today. So, carry on reading if you wish to learn the rules of shape poetry and find some situations of Alice into the Wonderland shape poetry!

Shape Poetry Tips

Before we begin with the Alice in the Wonderland shape poetry activity, check out methods for writing shape poems:

  1. Before jumping in, the thing that is first have to do is decide in the form of your poem and theme. For instance, you probably will want to use a bat as the shape of your poem if you are writing a poem about vampires.
  2. Don’t over-complicate shadows and details to your shape. Ensure that it stays simple, only use outlines and basic shapes (you might find some situations below relating to Alice into the Wonderland).
  3. Plan your poem out before writing it into your shape. You need to use a piece that is separate of paper to achieve this. You can then write it in a shape format when you are ready.
  4. Using a pencil, lightly outline or draw your shape on your paper. Then write your words matching the outline. This can provide a neat guideline for your poetry.

Now we realize the rules of this game, let’s begin the experience! Using Alice in the Wonderland (books or movies) as a way to obtain inspiration, is it possible to write a shape poem using the objects that are following?

You obtain points so you can get the correct that is following

  • After the shape of the thing in your poem.
  • Using words connecting to your shape of your poem.
  • Using ideas and details concerning the Alice in the Wonderland story.
  • Using descriptive or words that are emotional create a picture in your readers head.

That you can use as a guideline if you need some inspiration or ideas here are some types of Alice in the Wonderland shape poems

Teacup shape poem

Tea Party into the murky woods.
Creatures from all over are invited.
Wear your best hat and bring your favourite dessert.
There’s plenty of tea for everyone, rabbit, mat hatter…
And even those birds that are little.
So, come and join us for a fun time.

Chesire cat shape poem

Chesire cat with a grin how big the moon.
Watching my every move.
about a minute you’re here.
The second your gone.
Please, keep coming back once I really need you!
I favor your tail that is bushy and wide eyes.
have you been my imagination or real?
i am hoping to discover!

Clock shape poem

Time ticking away. Tick tock, tick tock.
Cant go back.
Don’t desire to move forward.
I’ll just jump down a hole.
Enter a whole world that is new.
Where cats talk and rabbits wear clothes.
But don’t eat the cake!
as soon as I come back.
I’ll be whole!

Rabbit shape poem

Go run little rabbit, run!
Time is running out!
Save wonderland.
Be cautious about the beasts that lurk within the woods.
And don’t allow the hatter that is mad you.
Find Alice before it is too late!
Now go RUN!

Mad Hatter’s hat shape poem

Hats of so many colours, shapes and sizes.
Have your ever deen a collection so big and bold?
I favor them all Hats that is! for occasion…
Winter, summer and also Halloween!
Today but which one?

Now it’s your turn! We would want to visit your Alice into the Wonderland shape poems! You can share them with us either using the comments below or on social media using #imagineforest. In the meantime, why not check out our other fun writing activities for kids and writing prompts.

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