As Initial Excitement Dies Down, Complaints Pile Up For

You understand how it goes: first, you are the hero, then you definitely’re the villain. Welcome to Actual Life 101, You’re now in stage Two of being the very first legal online poker site in Nevada.

After a bit more than a week one of the public, hundreds of a large number of hands already played, and up to 80 tables running at once, now the gripers are starting to pipe up, and they have plenty to state.

Dated Software

The complaints are all over the map, but vary from issues with software, site software, speed and also getting confirmed to try out. UltimatePoker’s overseers over at land-based channels Casinos say they understand the issues and are working on it, but are unperturbed at the time that is same.

‘What was really crucial that you us was getting the early-mover advantage,’ said site designer Ultimate Gaming’s chief advertising officer Joe Versaci. ‘We figured what we ought to do is focus on the most popular game with the skinniest offering. That allows us to get through the field test with few things that could hold us up with regards to hurdles.’ let us translate: ‘We desired to beat most of the other companies who were scrambling to obtain online first, so we destroyed no sleep using a mediocre product for beta testing to accomplish this.’


Among the list of conditions that surfaced quickly were a lack of easily available hand records (generally effortless to find on every upscale online poker site); no Omaha or 7 Card Stud cash games; and an inability to shrink tables down for easier visibility if you should be playing multiple games at the same time. The choice to card that is disable had been also not available to players.

All these ( and no doubt more problems as well) will be reviewed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board at Ultimate’s very first public hearing after the initial trial period that is 30-day. Hopefully, that doesn’t translate into an angry mob; poker players take these things very seriously, after all.

Ultimate Responds

Versaci said Ultimate has already been working on about 400 details your website desires to fix, ‘things like new tournament features, an user that is new, and some fantastic and unique hand-drawn avatars, all [of which] are in the pipeline.’

One major glitch had been that Mac users need to purchase a $200 software package that allows them to operate Windows; Ultimate has offered to reimburse players for the expense whenever and when their rake output meets that mark.

A major kickoff glitch with Verizon mobile, which prevented users from being able to be verified via text message to that service, continues to be being hammered out, with resolution close, according to Versaci. ‘ Once we have that, we will have 99 percent of all the cellphone users in Nevada as well as the Las Vegas market,’ he noted.

And ideally, perhaps not 99 percent that are ticked down at computer software issues.

O.J. Simpson Back for a New in Court in Las Vegas day

Claiming their attorney just wanted the dollar that is half-million fee, O.J. Simpson, the fallen football superhero-turned-inmate, asserted at a current special hearing in Sin City before Judge Linda Bell that he deserves another day in court. Simpson is asking for a trial that is new on which he claims was his attorney Yale Galanter’s negligence in representing him back in 2008 for his 2007 crimes, throughout a robbery trial that saw Simpson convicted of stealing sports memorabilia, and which offered him the very least nine-year sentence, of which he has served five.

Prison Lifestyle Has Aged Simpson

Prison life has definitely aged Simpson substantially, as witnessed in these photographs; initial was taken at their original sentencing right back in 2008. Heavier, balder and greyer but apparently not much less cocky or oblivious to public perception Simpson came into court completely shackled and even had their ankle cuffs secured to his courtroom chair, making him unable to stand whenever Judge Bell entered the courtroom.

Simpson’s goal into the hearing was to show that his lawyers were incompetent to a level that would have really affected the accountable verdict.

Conflicting Testimony

The hearing included four witnesses, including Simpson’s own daughter Arnelle, who testified regarding phone calls between Simpson and his attorney Galanter before the Palace Station robbery took spot. Galanter’s co-counsel at the original test, Gabe Grasso, claimed Galanter declined to hire a specialist to review sound recordings of the robbery, or a detective who would profile witnesses pre-trial; but Galanter himself refuted those claims, telling the judge, ‘We’ve had experts check all of them.’

Grasso disagreed, noting that he had reviewed most of the audio recordings himself pre-trial and saying ‘there had been no specialists.’ Grasso said he was told there was no test budget to engage any.

Incorporating some color towards the proceedings would be the fact that Grasso is now suing his former lead counsel in the scenario for $250,000 half of the fee that Simpson reportedly paid Galanter in federal court for nonpayment. Sounds like Simpson found a lead attorney completely suited to his level.

Grasso and Galanter also argued over whether Simpson need taken the stand in his very own defense in the case that is original with Galanter evidently having dismissed that option, while Grasso supported it. ‘we felt it was the only possibility we had to win this case,’ Grasso said.

Odd Twists

In perhaps the twist that is strangest, it absolutely was revealed by Grasso that he was unaware Galanter had encouraged Simpson to retrieve his sports memorabilia from dealer Bruce Fromong. In a setup meeting at Palace Station, Simpson and five cohorts then robbed Fromong and a colleague at gunpoint. The confrontation that is entire recorded, as well as subsequent conversations with Simpson. Grasso stated he disagreed with Galanter perhaps not objecting to the recordings being allowed into proof, claiming they were ‘prejudicial.’

In the sense they managed to make it abundantly clear that Simpson was guilty as hell, we can’t actually argue with him there.,

Iovation Connection to Ultimate Gaming Probed

Iovation’s website touts the security that is online as ‘fraud protection for on the web gaming,’ and that is what Nevada’s first appropriate online poker site,, ended up being indirectly using them for, via a 3rd party; until a few chat rooms got wind associated with former Ultimate Bet’s ‘security’ connection, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board (GCB) did as well. It’s all part of the wonderful new world of squeaky clean, highly regulated Internet poker in the first American state to provide it a legal go.

‘This is within the group of in which the ultimate responsibility rests upon the licensee [Ultimate Gaming], and I understand that they’ve been handling the issue,’ said A.G. Burnett, GCB Chairman. ‘We, in change, will evaluate what we received straight back from Ultimate, and decide how to then proceed from here.’

Not just a Registered Provider

Not only is Iovation not just a registered company with Nevada under the Silver State’s strict new online gaming regulations, it most likely would fall beneath the ‘bad actor’ category which will keep PokerStars from having the ability to acquire a gaming license for at least five more years. Any gambling business that continued accepting American patrons as of January 1, 2007 falls under the ‘bad actor’ umbrella; Iovation’s Ultimate Bet scandal occurred in 2008 under this gaming clause.

Such ‘bad actor’ clauses would explicitly block companies and assets that continued to run in the United States following the passage of UIGEA; the question is, would it not additionally preclude any organizations whom worked with such businesses, and especially person who infamously supplied software to another gaming site, ( not linked to, in what some said ended up being the weak website link that allowed insider players to view hole cards of other players, thus clearly permitting them to make perfect play decisions time upon time.

Services Severed

Two-week-old Ultimate Gaming, the parent company of, broke off its relationship with Iovation quickly once alerted to the connection. It was really CAMS, a geo-location, patron identification and payment processing provider, that was utilizing Iovation. CAMS is registered as a service provider that is nevada-approved. Oh, what a web that is tangled online video gaming adventure weaves!

A into its existence, Ultimate cannot afford to be associated with any business that ultimately brought down Ultimate Bet fortnight. Which also makes one wonder what on earth made Stations Casinos, the land-based casino company that owns UltimatePoker, elect to put your message ‘ultimate’ inside their on line poker video gaming moniker.

Homeland Security Moves In on Bitcoin Payment Processors

Online gaming payment processor Dwolla and popular Bitcoin trade website Mt. Gox got an unwelcomed realize that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in conjunction with the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, had issued a seizure warrant for funds this week. DHS apparently moved in to interrupt a transaction between the two sites, which handle the online world’s most popular form of crypto-currency. Bitcoin’s popularity, up until now, has mostly been its lack of banking or oversight that is regulatory interference; looks like those days are now over, as the feds are figuring out that cash is money, whether this has a ‘$’ or a ‘ ฿’ as its designation.

For some explanation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) became part of this freeze; perhaps the Bitcoins were asylum that is seeking but now it appears like they’ll be deported. ICE spokesperson Nicole Navas confirmed to United states technology media website CNET that the feds had indeed initiated appropriate action to prevent Dwolla, an Iowa-based startup, from processing any longer Bitcoin transactions, and confirmed a warrant had been given in Maryland, but beyond having said that she could say nothing more ‘in order perhaps not to compromise this ongoing research.’

Put on Notice

The DHS actions shouldn’t attended as a complete surprise; right back in March, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) told the world that it was watching Bitcoin exchanges, and planned to regulate the crypto-currency exactly the same way they do banks, which is every user’s worst nightmare. There’s been speculation that is much the electronic cash system’s inception in 2008 about whether precisely this type of move as this will ever happen; now users need wonder no more. Now, Bitcoin’s future might count on whether it complies with or fights government laws, especially in the arena of anti-money laundering statutes. And it’s all very bad news for Dwolla, which just took in $16.5 million simply weeks ago in its startup mode; investors cannot be happy.

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